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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Introduction

theHostReviews.com is a project that gives a voice to those that have been silenced by the various online service providers. Have you ever had an AirBnB review deleted for no good reason? Have you been slighted by one of the cororations with no recourse? theHostReviews.com gives you platform to make yourself heard.

Transparancy, honesty, accountability. This project arised from a need to apply these values to modern day corporations and conglomartes. The tendecy to be treated as a number in a sea of millions by the corporations that run our lives with the products that they release. Our mission is to give a voice and hold those who have wronged another, accountable.

Our plans are to apply our values through various online projects and to shape the internet landscape as we see fit. By the people, for the people.

3. Become a City Ambassador

An ambassador is someone who resides in the city that they want to represent. The ambassador is responsbile for:

  • Control of the content
  • Moderating the users
  • Adding content and updating the content
  • First in line to answer questions directed from the domain
  • Maintaing a passionate, positive, professional attitude towards the user base.
  • Stay in consistent contact with the admin

Please use the chat feature to contact us and a little paragraph on why you feel you are qualified for this role.